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Has your Model A been the only piece of furniture in your family room for over 20 years?
When asked about your first love, do you reminisce fondly about a vehicle?

If so, it’s possible that you are a Car Idiot.

Car Idiot, a term coined by the wife of Chief Car Idiot Bernie Golias, is a term of endearment for those of us who are passionate about cars. 

Or more accurately, passionately obsessive. 

As we visit and learn about car collections, Car Idiots Forever™ intends to educate our community while exploring the relationships and connections that continuously feed our enthusiasm. 


What's Your Story?


Dave Buehler


 Dave Buehler, his love for the Templar and its local Cleveland history, has manifested the largest collection of Templar cars and literature in the world. His positive energy can be felt as you engage in conversation with him. 

Visit Dave at the Templar Motors Museum in Lakewood, located in the same building Templars were originally manufactured more than 80 years ago. Dave's dedication and passion has earned him the badge of honor that befits only a true collector - Car Idiot Forever.

Dean "Dino" Arnold


Dean “Dino” Arnold is a Hot Rod Hall of Fame Inductee. He was named Builder of the Year and Painter of the Year by House of Kolor in 2010. Some of Dino’s creations include: Thunderflite (2008 SEMA Winner), '62 Ford Starliner and Dream T. Daytona Pegasus Spyder. In addition to building custom cars at his shop in Indiana, Dino also restores and creates replicas of classic cars. 

Bernie Golias


Chief Car Idiot, Bernie Golias, has a passion for and owns several Winton automobiles.  His alias "Dr. Redline" humorously explores the concept of obsessive collecting and how it affects loved ones of Car Idiots. He is co-author of the award winning book, Famous but Forgotten: The Story of Alexander Winton, Automotive Pioneer and Industrialist and has contributed to several documentaries. 


Share with us a piece of your favorite Car Idiot history!

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