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2019 Molto Bella Auto Show video
Cleveland: the First Motor City
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Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Car Idiots Forever™ Hall of Fame!You know who we mean . . . the men and women who have a slightly manic look at a car show.  They inhale old car leather like an aphrodisiac.  And when

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Let’s Chat!Thanks for visiting Car Idiots Forever™ today! Let’s connect and share some stories.  Or is there some info we can pass on to you?  Or would you like to nominate someone to our Hall of Fame?  Simply fill out



Celebrate the Car Idiot in your life with a gift that truly makes a statement!  Christmas, Mom’s birthday, Father’s Day, St. Andrew’s Day, any Notre Dame football win, The Great Race . . . there are so many reasons to give

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  • If a Piston Makes it Go, It’s in This Show!

    If a Piston Makes it Go, It’s in This Show!

    by Erik SteidlThe world of any self-respecting lifelong car enthusiast (in other words, Car Idiot) would not be truly complete without experiencing the Summit Racing Equipment I-X Piston Powered Auto-Rama at the International Exposition (I-X) Center in Cleveland, Ohio. And itRead More »

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