Welcome to our Letters from the Road!

Car collecting is a passion that sometimes begins early in life, sometimes simmers until later on.  And each one of us have our own story -- our own journey -- to tell.  It might be how you grew to love a special model.  It might be a life-changing road trip. Or it might be the people you've met along the way.

This page is for you to share that adventure with your car clan -- those who get what it feels like to cruise down a country road on a crisp fall day . . . take in the admiring glances as you casually show off at a cruisin . . . reminisce about the people who taught you the love of sleek lines and intricate craftsmanship. 

And while car collecting is not always romantic or glamorous (jam-packed garages and broken-down vehicles, for instance), it's always fun, and there's always a good story.

So, we invite you to scroll through the letters here.  And, even better, share your own story with us!


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