What's Your Story?

We all have them . . . great stories of how we fell in love with our first steel beauty.  Working in the garage with our grandpa . . . or grandma.  Finding that perfect piece of memorabilia to match a beloved marque (Dr. Redline calls that Eclectic Synchronization Syndrome, by the way).  We even know of one young lady who was conceived at a race track and has been captivated by the siren call of a screaming engine ever since.  

Take a few minutes to listen to some of the stories your fellow Car Idiots share with our chief, Bernie Golias, at car shows, cruisins, conferences and conflagrations.  While we all share a car collecting obsession, each story is unique and fascinating.  See for yourself!



And, what's YOUR story?   Click here to share with us so we can pass on your story to all of our car clan on Car Idiots Forever™!  You could be our next Letter from the Road, Open Roads feature or car show interview.  We'd love to hear from you!