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Car Idiots Hall of Fame

You know who we mean . . . the men and women who have a slightly manic look at a car show. They inhale old car leather like an aphrodisiac.  And when you ask a question about their latest auto acquisition, do they pull out their cell phone and show pictures?  

Who do you know?  Nominate them here!


Jerry Dixey

It was a pleasure to meet and interview Jerry Dixey, who led the way for the United Pacific Industries’ Street Rodder Road Tour in a ’32 Ford pickup truck. 

Jerry returned to northeast Ohio from the first leg of the tour on Friday, July 13, and we met at Precision Hot Rods and Fabrication in Macedonia, Ohio. 

The ’32 Ford truck boasts an officially Ford-licensed truck body made by United Pacific Industries, Roadster Shop framing and a small block Ford Performance engine.

It is interesting to note that this is Jerry’s 23rd year leading The Street Rodder Road Tour.  He’ll be traveling more than 20,000 miles in the ’32 Ford truck from the time the nationwide Road Tour started on June 16 in Phoenix, Arizona and ending on October 22, 2018 in Long Beach, California.  Follow his journey here. 


We were able to interview Jerry Dixey for a few minutes while he was in our neck of the woods.


Dynamite Dave Wallencheck’s dream was to be in broadcasting since he was 10 years old. Now his dream has been realized as owner of Redline Radio, LLC. Dave’s vision has been the driving force as he sets his sights on making Redline Radio the #1 internet radio station.


At the 2018 I-X Auto-Rama, we had the honor of interviewing Greg Pruitt, one of the best-known players from the heyday of the Cleveland Browns (1979-81).  In fact, #34 is considered one of the best Browns running backs and kick returners since Jim Brown and Leroy Kelly.  

Pruitt is proud to admit that he is a Car Idiot Forever. His passion for his 1951 Chevy truck is evident as he unabashedly acknowledges his love for not only his vehicle but also for the hobby of car collecting.


Gene Schwartz was one of those kids destined to grow up and be a part of the Car Idiots Forever™ phenomenon. 

His passion for cars started early; when he turned 15 , his dad bought him a 1952 Chevy which he still owns. 

Gene is also an accomplished bass guitarist, having played with his brother Glenn, Robert Lockwood, Jr.  Pacific Gas & Electric. 


Jerry Roman was noticed early in his career as a custom car stylist and joined the Kustom Kings Car Club from Cleveland, Ohio in 1956.  

Jerry started Roman’s Chariot Shop in 1959, leading the way in custom automotive aftermarket parts and accessories with sunroofs, T-Tops, moon roofs and fake convertible tops. 

As a pioneer in the field, Jerry was one of the first to bring these custom aftermarket trends to the public in the 1970s and 1980s. 


Chief Car Idiot Bernie Golias discusses Templars, Car Idiots and relationships with Dave Buehler.